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pragmatic | growth-focused | disability-centered

Assessing needs, resources, and priorities to progress towards the integration of equitable accessibility for all participants, patrons, employees, and stakeholders through consultation and individual trainings

Accessibility Starting Points

Sensory Friendly & Accessible Programming

Implement or improve sensory friendly and accessible performances, events, or educational offerings and ensure a disability-centered, neurodiversity-affirming experience is provided

Policies, Practices, and Resource Creation

Asses and adapt policies and practices and create new resources  to increase and amplify accessibility; specific focuses include internal, patron-facing, and education programming

Digital Accessibility

Expand the accessibility of your digital presence including social media, websites, and virtual events/programming

Accessibility & Disability Justice

Arts Integration in K – 12 Classrooms

Consent-Forward Practices for Administration, Education, and Production

Multimodal Sensory Engagement for Classes & Productions 

Trauma-Informed, Arts-Based Pedagogy

Youth Safety

Madeline recommends referring to, collaborating with, and employing those within the communities you seek to serve. Therefore, if you are seeking consultation for anti-racism/racial justice or trans justice, Madeline strongly encourages you to seek out consultation from someone whose lived experience contributes to their expertise.

"Our conversation truly made my day - I am energized by your work and so honored to be collaborating with you in this capacity (and hopefully future capacities too)."

Collaborating Organization

Connect & Collaborate

To connect with Madeline to discuss consultation or a specific training, fill out the contact form below. If you already have specifics in mind, please include your priorities, goals, and budget to receive a quote.

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