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Madeline crouches in front of an actor in rehearsal. She gives a note while laughing and gesturing with one hand. She is holding a notebook in her other hand. The actor's back is to the camera.

Directing & Intimacy Choreography

collaborative | conscientious | consent-forward

Shaping dynamic storytelling with youth and adults based on the script, individuals collaborating, and intended audience while leaning into the versatility and shared experience live theatre provides

Production Highlights

"Madeline is one of my favorite directors I've ever worked with. Her dedication to creating a healthy performance space means that actors can explore and collaborate with trust, clarity, and depth."

Addison Sharpe, Actor

Intimacy & Consent-Forward Theatre Work

Intimacy Choreography & Staging Close Relationships with Minors

Facilitating the choreography for theatrical intimacy and close relationships through an identity conscious lens using desexualized language and a trauma-informed approach to efficiently establish sustainable physical storytelling that achieves the artistic team's vision while honoring the boundaries of all involved

Overview of Potential Collaborations & Supports Intimacy Production Plan Discuss both scripted moments of intimacy and any plans for unscripted moments of intimacy and establish how to best utilize designated rehearsal time Review and advise on casting notices and audition information as needed for content disclosures and role expectations Collaborate on establishing health and safety protocols as needed Full Cast Workshop Lead all members of the cast through introductory exercises to establish relationship, vocabulary, and expectations that can be used throughout the production to support individual and collective boundaries Intimacy Choreography Serve as a support for both the actors and production team to ensure storytelling is consensual, effective, and sustainable for all involved by providing tools, desexualized language, trauma-informed practices, and specific choreography as needed Work with stage management team to document intimacy choreography using best available practices and establish toolkits and intimacy calls as needed Provide oversight, feedback, and guidance throughout the rehearsal process for designers following the finalization of intimacy choreography Production Team Support Collaborate with and provide resources to support costumes, props, lighting, and sound related to intimacy as needed

Workshops & Presentations

Sharing language, tools, and exercises for integrating consent-forward principles and supporting youth and adults in identifying and articulating individual and communal boundaries while also respecting the personal boundaries of others to foster cultures of consent in production processes, learning spaces, and workplaces

Recent Engagements Integrating Consent-Forward Practices into Classrooms and Rehearsals | TYA/USA On Tour @ Imagination Stage | 2022 Consent-Forward, Disability-Centered Practices for Accessibility | The Kennedy Center Leadership Exchange in Arts & Disability (LEAD) National Conference | 2022 Consent Culture & Safe Rehearsal Spaces | Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Education’s Director Community Conversation | 2021

Influential Trainings


Trauma Support Specialist | Trauma Institute International

Youth Mental Health First Aid | National Council for Behavioral Health

First Aid & CPR | American Red Cross

Brain Story Certification | Alberta Family Wellness & Oxford University

Autism Direct Support | The Autism Society of Minnesota

Inclusion & Equity

Cultural Equity Learning Community 2.0 | Arts Connect International

National Dance Institute Dream Project Workshop | National Dance Institute 

Supporting Trans Actors and Creatives | Transgender Training Institute 

Culturally Responsive Practice | People Incorporated

Cultural Perspectives | People Incorporated

Consent & Theatrical Intimacy

Working with Minor | Theatrical Intimacy Education
Consent in the Acting Classroom | Theatrical Intimacy Education
Intimacy Choreography | Theatrical Intimacy Education
Best Practices | Theatrical Intimacy Education

Level 2: Foundations of Intimacy II | Intimacy Directors & Coordinators 

Consent in the K – 12 Classroom | Intimacy Directors & Coordinators 

Working with Underage Performers | Intimacy Directors & Coordinators

Audience Participation: Cultivating a Culture of Consent | Intimacy Directors & Coordinators

Intimacy Intensive with Jessica Steinrock (3-day) | Intimacy Directors International  

Intimacy Intensive with Tonia Sina (2-day) | Intimacy Directors International 

Bystander Intervention | Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN)

Connect & Collaborate

To see if Madeline's available to join your production as a director or intimacy choreographer, fill out the contact form below.

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